Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Respected Sir,
My name is madhav paul, I am working in a private company, Right from childhood, I have a strong desire to do something for the society. That desire grew up along with me. I am doing something or the other right from I got my senses. By the time I become 36 years old, I would like to do something more to the society. That is why I gathered orphans children from neighboring villages. I with the help of my friends I took a rented house and kept those children there. I gathered around 50 nos. children. Many people use to offer donations in the beginning but now gradually that caring from people is lost. Some times they are donating some times not but still I looking after them with much difficulty.
But now I am reporting for what I have done. I should not have brought them then they would have lead a better life than this I am unable to stop my tears and I don't know what to do. They came with me as they believed me. But I am not able to do anything on the other side house owner is asking me to vacate the house immediately as I am not paying rent properly. I am totally helpless.
I asked many people to help me out of this situation but no body turned out. My situation is very hopeless. Then I thought of you, I heard a lot about you internet and also from people. Hope you would help me out of this situation and give your help hand. If you don't help me we all would be on road. You helped out a lot of people. In the same way I am requesting you to give your helping hand. You are only the one I am to looking forward to. We shall be very grateful to you for this kind help.
Waiting for your helping hand.
MY ALERTPAY ACCOUNT – dmanvitha@gmail.com
My Address:-
EMAIL- madhavpaul@hotmail.com